Sign up with CAWU

1. Sign a membership card applicaton card
Request a membership card from CAWU. Fill out, sign, and return the card to CAWU. Your card is completely confidential—no one (including your employer) will find out that you signed a card.

2. Educate others
At least 40 percent of eligible (nonmanagement) workers need to sign a CAWU membership card for CAWU to apply to the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) to be your union. Encourage others to participate and make an informed choice.

3. Vote yes
Once enough CAWU membership cards have been signed, we will file an application with the OLRB to conduct a secret ballot vote for all eligible workers. If over 50 percent of those who cast a ballot vote in favour of CAWU representation, your workplace will become represented by us.